* Em Bishop Elias Najem (Late)
* Mother Superior Christina Baz (Late) - The Abbess of the Orthodox

   Patriarchal Convent of Our Lady of Saydanaya in Syria
* Mr Fadi Joseph Ziadeh, Lebanese Counsellor to to United Nations
* Mr Fuad Hassan Alameh
* Mr Ghassan Salman Al Erm

Dr Fuad N Ziyadeh
Dr Zuheir Jameel Alameh
Dr Nadim Toufik Ziadeh
Dr May Giryes Najem
Dr Norma Toufik Ziadeh

Engr Rami Nabil Alameh
Engr Wasim Yousef Alameh
Engr Elia Sleiman Baz
Engr Wajdi Aref Baz
Engr Nada Abdulla Al Saliby
Engr Linda Nabil Alameh
Engr Elias Khalil Najem